Success in Self-Obsessed Times?

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Personal branding. Profile photo. YouTube blogger. How to truly succeed when appearance swamps what is?

Firstly, let’s accept that image, networks and stories have always been important to human beings. The stories that have survived human history are those that have captured countless imaginations. So, you’d better not be boring.

Is not being boring the aim?

Secondly, let’s understand success as being true to your values while being able to live comfortably. Not selling out and having money.

Is becoming “the best version of yourself” the aim?

Thirdly, let’s acknowledge that the more niche your service or business is, the higher you will be able to charge for what you do.

Is acute specialisation the aim?

So, you set out to be interesting, the best version of yourself (including irresistible in your profile pictures) and specialise to such an extent that people are crying out to hire you.

These are all “proven” formulae. The thing is, they all begin from “you”. And, when embodied at a certain angle, they aspire to an American dream (or rat race) that you’ll win someday in the future.

What if you undertook a subtle shift and asked yourself new questions – your own, but here I’ll give you some ideas.

Instead of:

How can I be interesting?


Who do I want to help and why? How can I capture those people’s attention? 

Instead of:

How can I be the best version of myself?


Who do I want to connect with today (and why)? What can I do to improve my communication with others and myself?

Instead of:

What’s my niche job or market?


Who can I help best and how? Is that inspirational enough to capture imaginations?

Communication is a flower that sweetens the smell of impatience. A dialogue with yourself and others (not always involving words and incessant thinking), which allows you to connect on a deeper level right now, versus the perfectionist self-help fiction “you’ll be better every day”.

History shows that constant, linear improvement is a myth. “Self-obsessed times” and “success” are similarly creations of this article. However, if, in any way, they help you to feel grateful for the messy success of your life today, to value communication, and to hesitate before your next “I’m having such fun” selfie, I will continue to write.